Plzeň, Náměstí Republiky, Tatra T2 cropped
Number built 771
Built from 1955-1962
Length 15,200 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 3,050 mm
Maximum power 160 kW
Passenger capacity 25 seats (T2SU: 38)
75 standing (T2SU: 56)
Manufacturer ČKD Tatra

Tatra T2 - that sign tram produced in the years 1955 to 1962 at the premises of CKD in Prague in the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia).


T2 is a unidirectional railcar, equipped with three folding doors. The concept of building comes from the U.S. specification PCC and is a development model of T1. Compared to its predecessor, the wagon box and the extended position motorniczego improved. Placed at the front of the car surrounded by a single spotlight decorative chrome bar (called "Stalin's mustache). The biggest drawback was the large mass of the wagon so soon began the construction of a new model of T3.


Tatra T2 have been operated only in Czechoslovakia (Bratislava, Brno, Kosice, Liberec, Most and Litvínov, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pilsen, Prague, Ústí nad Labem). Currently T2 trams can be found only in the service line in Liberec (upgraded copies), and as cars are also on duty in Brno. Two prototypes are exhibits in the museum of communication Střešovicach in Prague.

For the Soviet Union produced a variety T2SU with two pairs of folding doors and more seats .

City Year T2 T2SU Total
450px-Flag of Slovakia.svg Bratislava 1959 - 1962 66 0 66
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Brno 1958-1962 94 0 94
450px-Flag of Slovakia.svg Košice 1958-1962 31 0 31
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Liberec 1960-1961 14 0 14
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Most 1961-1962 36 0 36
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Olomouc 1960-1961 4 0 4
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ostrava 1958-1962 100 0 100
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Plzeň 1960-1962 26 0 26
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Prague 1955 2 0 2
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ústí nad Labem 1960-1962 18 0 18
800px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Samara 1958-1962 0 43 43
800px-Flag of Ukraine.svg Kiev 1960-1962 0 50 50
800px-Flag of Russia.svg St. Petersburg 1959 0 2 2
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Moscow 1959-1962 0 180 180
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Rostov on Don 1958-1959 0 40 40
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Yekaterinburg 1958-1962 0 65 65
Total 391 380 771

Photo galleryEdit

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