JKP GRAS Sarajevo

Logo of JKP GRAS

JKP GRAS - the name of the company, which manages public transportation in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company currently manages the trams, buses and trolleybuses. Rolling stock consists of tram cars Tatra K2 Tatra KT8D5 SGP E1, Satra II and III

Tram linesEdit

  • Line 1: Željeznička watchtower - Bascarsija
  • Line 2: Čengić Vila - Bascarsija
  • Line 3: Ilidža - Bascarsija
  • Line 4: Ilidža - Željeznička watchtower
  • Line 5: Nedžarići - Bascarsija
  • Line 6: Ilidža - Skenderija
  • Line 7: Nedžarići - Skenderija

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